Novel Excerpt: GO BACK JACK, by Maureen Kellar-Kirby

Novel Writing Festival

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Performed by Carina Cojeen

“Go Back Jack” is a story about a young woman’s search for her previous life as a black American blues musician who lived during the Great Depression and died tragically before realizing his musical dreams.
After a series of psychic illuminations, she travels to the U.S.A. seeking evidence of this past life, only to encounter the same temptations and circumstances that led to her tragic death in that previous lifetime.

In a struggle at a soul level, caught between good and evil, and a coming to terms with her own conscience, she finally realizes that only by overcoming repeated temptations, that have followed her from beyond the grave, will she be able to resolve her karma in order to move on with her own life. Will she overcome the temptations that led to her premature death in that previous lifetime or…

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