Read Poem: WHO AM I?, by Francis Ocran

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(Genre: Regret,political, painful, child soldier,death)

I don’t know who I am any more
Unknown creature
A skinny lad soldier
I survived on death’s arena
I fought death’s command
Made to wear his mark
Wrote with his pen
Serving death
His poignant bloody meals
With pain in my heart
I slaughtered with his pen
Dripping souls bloodily
A pool under my feet
Imprisoning my humanity
And my love growing cold
I abused the fragile
Killed the strong
I had no choice
Than eat the meal of death
And survive each day
The evil I groomed
Hunted my existence
Ruling my day
Each day a cost to pay

I’m certain of no yesterday
Even if it does
There is no way
I’m here now
I did what I have to do
And avoided which I can’t
Saved those I can
But the toll on me
Is much heavier
Than the ox yoke

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