Director Biography – Donald McQuade (FREE FALL)

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

D69b15d50b headshot

Donald is a Florida native, coffee addict, and award winning writer/director. His work is highly stylized and informed by a love of the innovative and the unexpected. He studied film at Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts. Once in Los Angeles, Donald’s strengths as a storyteller made him a highly sought after script doctor and ghost writer for feature films before transitioning to directing music videos and commercials. As a filmmaker, his work has featured the talents of Ciara, Leah Michelle, John Legend, Regina King and Eva Longoria.

Director Statement

We live in a crazy time. Ecosystems collapse, governments wage war and institutions fail us. Yet in the midst of all that chaos relationships are built, dreams are achieved, children are born and life goes on. Free Fall is a big idea encased in a small video. In a lonely and dangerous place, where the world seems to…

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