Top Screenplays of 2019

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BEST Scene Script Reading: East Of Warsaw, by Raphael Ben Jacob & Scot J. Mathisson

BEST Scene Script Reading: PLIGHT, by Ronald Sandoval

BEST Scene Script Reading: HR – Human Resource, by Jennifer Grubbs

BEST Scene Script Reading: The Man Who Stops Time, by Paul Sargia

BEST Scene Script Reading: Quest For Light: Adventure Of The Magi, by Byron Anderson

BEST Scene Script Reading: Flares, by Shruti Tewari

BEST Scene Script Reading: RomWar, by Mitchell Braunstein

BEST Scene Reading: The Legend Of Chang Woo, by A. Elaine Carlisle

BEST Scene Reading: The Underwater Story. Leda and Metida, by Alexander Chernega

BEST Scene Reading: For Better or For Worse, by Clara Bijl


Best Scene Reading: HUNTED, by P.A. BROWN

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