LA Festival Feature Screenplay: At the Gates of Hades, by Polykarpos Parioritsas

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The story takes place just after the Odyssey with Odysseus making the final offer to Poseidon. After that, he goes to consult the Oracle but he discovers that the communication between the world of mortals and the one of Gods is broken.
Meanwhile, some of the kings of Greek city-states – heroes of the Iliad poem – face a supernatural creature that tries to kill them. The plot creates a mystery around Greece’s sacred sites and leads the heroes as they meet during a journey to the “Gates of Hades”, for everything is at stake as the thread of life itself is about to be cut. The Reader will find many myths around the Iliad and Odyssey that are not included in the poems but exist around them. Love, hate, vengeance, action and a puzzle that even the cunning mind of Odysseus is struggling to solve.

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