Read Poem: Barabbas, by Terry Stolz

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Along this long and lonely road
Lied a mist as dark as the devils’ soul
Back hunched over timber upon it
Wearing a crown of thorns as he crept along

They spared a man who shouldn’t have been freed
And took the life of our King

The eyes of a blind man could see the wrong
Being carried out by the riotous throng
Multitudes cried… “Let the carpenter die
The common thief should be freed.”

The wind rushed in
Roman timbers began to dance

An ominous darkness blanketed the sky
The clouds began to moan
Rolling thunder, flickering lights
Mountainous clouds on the horizon

A lightning bolt singed the earth
An abrupt silence deafened the crowed

Life is short as death came near
Forgive the people as he reappeared
It was over now, hanging there high
Blood running cold from his hands and feet

They had spared a man who…

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