Read Poem: Lady Leanne and the Highwayman, by Jilly Henderson-Long

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a fanciful story in rhyme

Tha Lady Leanne heard a rumour
“There’s a highwayman out on the loose!”
She knew that if ever they caught him,
he surely would be for the noose.
He was certainly some kind of mystery,
for never a word did he speak,
he merely appeared before travellers,
pistols raised to make them feel weak.
He dressed all in black was the story,
from his head right down to his toes,
except for the pure white bandanna,
pulled up to cover his nose.
They called him the Ghost Shadow Rider,
all anyone saw was his eyes,
and he soon became some sort of hero,
for he always surrendered his prize.
He’d steal all the gold and the jewelery
and carry it off into town,
where he’d give it all out to the poor folk,
still without making a sound.
Then he would vanish for days

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