Loving amidst the tragedy around, by Shruti Singh

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I got covered everything in between the blanket and my favourite bedsheet.
Those journals that got tons of words,
Of separation and attachment
And love and war.
So every night in bed,
I wipe my tears off my face,
That had been settled there all day long,
Smudging my mascara,
And turning my eyes
Into a dragon’s fire breath.
They have many beauty and tragedies,
To gaze upon
But end up looking at your still picture.
You caught my attention everytime,
I was looking for peace outside
Or for ways to start revolution
To bring change in the world,
As if you were the soul
With all those beauty and
Tragedies at the same time.
I find my heart bringing love words for you
From all the corners where they were kept
Safe for long time,
But it brings a feeling of guilt too,
It isn’t of loving you,

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