Short Film: JUICY GIRL, 15min., USA, Crime/Drama

Los Angeles feedback film festival


1da2c9edaa poster‘Juicy Girl’ is based on events surrounding the murders of several of the many Korean women committed by US Army personnel since the Korean War of the 1950’s.

1992 South Korea. Soyoung, also known as Annie, is a Juicy Girl. A term used by American soldiers stationed in South Korea for local prostitutes. Soyoung is a trafficking victim, snatched by a gang when in her teens and forced into sex slavery. Sold to a pimp who operates his girls out of a nightclub, exclusively reserved for US Army personnel, Soyoung serves their ‘needs’. Her world is confined and tightly controlled, there is no escape. Soyoung’s only rare moments of joy come when she befriends a young street seller, Hoon a 10 year old boy.

Private Michael Johnstone, a US Army Medic, is a loner and shunned by the other G.I.’s. A narcissist and a misogynist, Johnstone is a psychotic…

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