Director Biography – Ilana Gordon (DESIGNATED RIDER)


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Ilana Gordon is a Los Angeles-based comedy writer, producer and filmmaker. By day, she works covering entertainment news as a producer for E!’s Daily Pop. At night, she does other stuff.

Ilana is a regular contributor to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and has served as a guest writer for NPR’s Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! quiz show. You can read her writing on The A.V. Club, The Daily Dot, Reductress, The Weekly Humorist, The American Bystander and toilet stall doors across America.

Director Statement

Last year, I was parsing through some uncomfortable childhood memories when my brain stopped on the feeling of being the last kid picked up from school.

My Mom was a chronically late parent, and I would estimate that 46% of my personality was shaped by the awkward, anxious conversations between me and whichever overburdened adult was forced to stick around to ensure I wasn’t kidnapped. Whether we waited…

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