Winning SCI-FI/FANTASY Feature Screenplay: The Venusian Chronicles, by Lynn Vincentnathan


The story is about Dr. Ishi Banesa, a mild-mannered linguist passing as a human, whose ancestors came from Venus. His life’s mission is to help save Earth from the same fate that destroyed Venus. When astronauts discover an ancient spaceship wreck on the Moon, Ishi fears his mission will be derailed and he and his grandmother will be discovered and harmed. To complicate matters the Dean has threatened his job if he doesn’t publish his works soon, works that will out him. He also feels an increasing need to tell the truth to his grad assistant, who is falling in love with him. But when “Space Alien Vigilantes” start harassing and killing innocent people, mistaking them for space aliens, Ishi can no longer hide his identity. With time running out, Ishi must reveal his identity and divert the danger to himself, or more innocent people will be killed. But will…

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