Read Poem: She is there, by Laraine Batis-Gelpi

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Arms stretched high, sun-tanned & freckled skin, a crown of coils – all warmth & life..
Arms stretched high, face to the sky
bright shining eyes – deep inside
She is there.

Stay there, I am busy with these waves, this wind, this storm ..

Crown of coils blown round my face
Weary rowing,
my back to the bow- lurched & pitched as I struggle to row..
Seeing only the trail where I’ve been

The outposts of each challenge stretched behind me like a worn and tattered hair ribbon kept from childhood that I beseech myself to find a use for… lest I let it go

Turn to the bow now, turn to the bow!!
Change your direction, just for today give leave for me to row for you where we are going.

I am here
Arms stretched high, sun-tanned & freckled skin, a crown of coils – all…

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