POETRY READING: Bitch, by Stephanie Annis

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Performed by Val Cole


For all the AOC’s & Yoho’s
Bitch, Slut, Cunt, Whore…

Your words don’t hurt me anymore.

When you say it so many times,

It becomes a childish rhyme.

I’m not submissive. I don’t give up.

Your words mean nothing.

Take your best shot.

Give it all you got.

I have words for you.
I could scream until I’m blue.

What good would it do?
It’s pointless to argue with a fool!
So you ask, why am I so ghetto?
I believe acting meek and quiet,
it’s staying silent.
Why does it take aggression?

How should I get your attention?
The communication is gone.

Take a look at your phone.

Wo do you really know?

Look around, are you lost or found?
Words are a tricky little thing.

Perspective is the key.

We both see it differently.

Say what you mean and keep it clean.


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