Read Poem: Pandemic Hits:A Community Health Nurse Diary, by Jespiel

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We endured through the lacks,
Some got sick, some got bashed.
Some died, some are tired…
while others cried, losing ourselves,
Putting our frustrations aside,
Ineffective strategies, demoralized agencies.
Inconsistencies of leaders to handle the adversaries
Being called to serve, with lack of support, from people who claimed to be right
Yet they hide when asked to help.. asked to provide.

With all of this,
The bias and treatments, we dont deserve.
We haven’t stop,
We might have complained, but we havent run.
We still stand and fight,Serving the public with all our might.

Remembering to pause a while,
dealing with inconsideration of people outside.
Efforts done, and some plans fail.
It’s a war,
a battle– hard to win.
Sensationalized emotions to add the scale,
the bickering and politicking.
Useless drama in between.
Ignorance and ruined thoughts,
thats how health system got sidetracked
and lost.
Baseless lies and apathy,

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