Read Poem: Tiptoeing Elephants, by John Hansen

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Why do people take offence
so easily these days?
It seems that almost everything
offends in certain ways.

No matter what is said or done,
written or expressed,
someone somewhere, who knows why,
will be visibly distressed.

There once was something called “free speech”
where opinions could be shared.
Conflicting views were called debates,
feelings respected, but not spared.

Most people, then, could take a joke
and share one in return.
It wasn’t seen as bullying,
and the world was not so stern.

Ethics always seemed quite clear,
don’t be unjustly cruel,
but if you made a dumb remark
you’d be called out as a fool.

People stood for elders,
pregnant women, or infirmed,
when riding on the train or bus.
an etiquette easily learned.

Men opened doors for women,
and let them enter first.
But chivalry’s now forgotten,
it’s a relic of the past.
When did people grow so…

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