Watch 32 screenplays & stories performed at the festival in December 2020:

2 Screenplay Trailers:


HARPER HIGH, by Steven Jon Buyer

5 TV Screenplays:

A KANSAS MERMAID, by A.S. Templeton
TV Festival Best Scene Reading: A Kansas Mermaid, by A.S. Templeton

PURE, by Erika Hakmiller
TV Festival 1st Scene Reading: Pure, by Erika Hakmiller

THE MENDER, by Robert Ripley
LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene TV Reading: THE MENDER, by Robert Ripley

SEEN, by Colin J. Murphy
NYC Festival 1st Scene TV PILOT: SEEN, by Colin J. Murphy

NERVOUS REX, by Sean Sullivan
COMEDY Festival TV PILOT Best Scene: Nervous Rex, by Sean Sullivan

7 Short Screenplays:

BAD KARMA, by Caleb Parazette & Jarret Rosenblatt
COMEDY Festival SHORT Screenplay: Bad Karma, by Caleb Parazette, Jarret Rosenblatt

LAST WOMB ON EARTH, by Nancy Safavi
Winning COMEDY Short Screenplay: LAST WOMB ON EARTH, by Nancy Safavi

A VACATION, by McCaleb Burnett
Winning SHORT Screenplay: A VACATION, by McCaleb Burnett

ALL ARE WELCOME, by Ross Morin
Winning LGBTQ+ Festival SHORT Script: ALL ARE WELCOME, by Ross Morin

LAILA MANJU, by Kamya Nair & Prithvi Vatsalya
Winning LGBTQ+ SHORT Script Reading: LAILA MANJU, by Kamya Nair, Prithvi Vatsalya

THE BLUE PARROT, by Antonia Patisdou
SHORT Screenplay Reading: THE BLUE PARROT, by Antonia Patsidou

FELIZ NAVIDAD, by Edwad Tyndall
Winning ANIMATION Short Screenplay Reading: Feliz Navidad, by Edward Tyndall

4 1st Scene Readings:

JUST JANE, by Carl Huebner
1st Scene Script Reading: Just Jane, by Carl Huebner

EAT WHAT YOU KILL, by Leslie Lyshkov
THRILLER 1st Scene Script Reading: Eat What You Kill, by Leslie Lyshkov

CRACKSMEN, by Daniel Corey
1st Scene Screenplay Reading; CRACKSMEN, by Daniel Corey

SURFACE TENSION, by Shane Walsh Smith
1st Scene Script Reading: SURFACE TENSION, by Shane Walsh-Smith

13 Best Scene Readings:

BIG SISTER, by David Chester & Blake Pinter
Best Scene Script Reading: BIG SISTER, by David Chester, Blake Pinter

ACE, by Jacobo Fe
DIVERSITY Festival Best Scene Script Reading: ACE, by Jacobo Fe

OCEAN CITY, by Kevin Mongelli
SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Script Reading: Ocean City, by Kevin Mongelli

LOST PLANET, by Thomas Thorpe
SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Script Reading: LOST PLANET, by Thomas Thorpe

STRIKE OF ARTEMIS, by Brandon Haynes
SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Script Reading: Strike Of Artemis, by Brandon Haynes

THE MASKED CHRONICLES, by Isaiah Carter & John Azzopardi
SCI-FI Festival Best Scene Script Reading: The Masked Chronicles, by Isaiah Carter & John Azzopardi

ZIGGY AND RACHEL, by Michael Rispoli & Gregg Greenberg
LGBTQ+ Best Scene Script Reading: Ziggy And Rachel, by Michael Rispoli & Gregg Greenberg

COPPERLAND, by Eila Algood & Holly Algood & Susan Froetchel
LGBTQ+ Festival Best Scene Script Reading: COPPERLAND, by Eila Algood, Holly Algood, Susan Froetchel

FORGOTTEN VOICES, by Malathi Vulupala
Female Festival BEST Scene Reading: FORGOTTEN VOICE(S), by Malathi Vulupala

HELL’S BELLE, by Kari Karsten
Female Festival BEST SCENE Reading: HELL’S BELLE, by Kari Karsten

MILKWOOD MANOR, by Alexia Kosmider
Female Festival Best Scene: MILKWOOD MANOR, by Alexia Kosmider

WHEAT DANDY, by Anna Patterson
Female Festival Best Scene: WHEAT DANDY, by Anna Patterson

THRILLER Festival Best Scene Reading: Opposition Research. by T. R. Schumer

1 Poetry Reading:

Poetry Reading: Tiptoeing Elephants, by John Hansen

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