Read Poem: Love Nest, by Sumitra Mishra

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Because my love nest had gaps and furrows
Time plucked the straws and sticks one by one,
When I tried to soar beyond in the sky of hope
Shot down mid-way I was, by a selfish someone.

I tried to nurse my love with lucre and lust
Sheltering it in the golden hedges of faith,
But life was unkind,storms of doubts and dismay
Scattered the feathers of hope,leaving me a wraith .

The happiness lasted only a few summers
While the nest was in the alcove of a tree
But the hunter smelt the aroma of burnt flesh
And aimed an arrow to set my love’s wings free.

Amen, I prayed and let the tides of wind blow

Before you fell, I caught your body in the flow.

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