Read Poem: THE WALLS OF TROY, by Jacob Black

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My walls are up and are built up strong.

I should have known Helen that you were the Trojan Horse all along.

You’ve brought Menelaus to ruin, Agamemnon too.

Men seem to be dying like flies on each side of you.

Hector is dead and Paris has fled.

Achilles lays in the underworld his soul filled with dread.

Riches and power was your only true love.

Your cruelty fits you just like a glove.

These walls won’t come crumbling down.

My people within them are safe and sound.

Your love is slavery, making me gagged and bound


Your compassion is lost and can’t be found.

My walls are up and they are built up strong.

I always knew Helen you never loved me all along.

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