Read Poem: Shaken from inside, by mdtaslim

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Shaken from inside
I am sitting alone on a hill top
Looking at the passer by below
A small boy in half pant and T-shirt
Is coming towards me
He is becoming bigger and taller
He is happy with books
He is happy while playing
He is reaching near me
He is holding a hand of a very beautiful girl
They are laughing together
He has come nearer
Holdings the hands of two little kids
They are looking happy and blessed
I don’t know why?
Far away
A lonesome tree
I feel as if is lost in prayer
Standing erect
Head bent down
As if murmuring some thing
I get mesmerized
It entices me
Sometime when I see
leafs dancing and singing
Their laughter entice me
Many times
A woman walking at a distance
Appears to me
As if there goes my mom
I start running towards her but

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