October 2022 Festival Lineup

Daily Film Festival schedule for October 2022.

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Saturday Oct 1st – Documentary Shorts
Sunday Oct 2nd – Under 5 Minute Shorts
Monday Oct 3rd – Voices Documentary Festival
Tuesday Oct 4th – Animation Shorts
Wednesday Oct 5th – Experimental Feature
Thursday Oct 6th – Thriller Feature Festival
Friday Oct 7th – Sports Shorts
Saturday Oct 8th – Drama Long Form Shorts
Sunday Oct 9th – Fashion Festival
Monday Oct 10th – Environmental Feature Festival
Tuesday Oct 11th – Asian Feature Festival
Wednesday Oct 12th – LGBTQ+ Feature Festival
Thursday Oct 13th – Fan Fiction Feature Festival
Friday Oct 14th – Family Drama Shorts
Saturday Oct 15th – Experimental Shorts
Sunday Oct 16th – Student Shorts
Monday Oct 17th – Sports Festival Feature
Tuesday Oct 18th – European Shorts
Wednesday Oct 19th – Motivational Documentary Feature
Thursday Oct 20th – Military Veteran Documentary Feature
Friday Oct 21st – Comedy Shorts
Saturday Oct 22nd – Documentary Shorts
Sunday Oct 23rd – Environmental Shorts
Monday Oct 24th – Sports Doc Shorts
Tuesday Oct 25th – Documentary Festival – Asian History
Wednesday Oct 26th – Action/Adventure Shorts
Thursday Oct 27th – Comedy Long Form Shorts
Friday Oct 28th -Political Shorts
Saturday Oct 29th – LGBTQ+ Shorts
Sunday Oct 30th – Crime/Thriller Shorts
Monday Oct 31st – Horror Shorts

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