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Directed by Lyla Ruth
My dad passed away recently and I’ll be completely honest here, watching him die slowly from cancer is a hell I would not wish on my worst enemy. Family and friends ask me how I am feeling, or how I am handling it all. In actuality, the emotions are too intense to verbalize.

From filmmaker Lyla Ruth:

Well, here’s the true story. My father had a very rare form of brain cancer called Glioblastoma. It made him extremely confused. My father was a 6’3” Buffalo Fire Chief, who ironically was incredibly claustrophobic. He could not do an MRI. In order to get him to do it, I had to lay in the bed with him for 25 minutes and hold his hand. He had medication to distract from the enclosed space and the sounds, I did not. I noticed a really interesting rhythm with the machine. And in between the rhythm I would breathe to try and slow down his breath. Later that evening I recorded the rhythm in my head in a few different time signatures. I called my friend Buck Snow, a Grammy Award winning sound engineer, and together we created the beat. It’s a reverse heart beat. I needed a place to channel my emotions while handling the daunting task of being the caretaker of my parents. Thus, the video was born.

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