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Film Review: THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT (Canada/Belgium 2018) ****

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The Hummingbird Project Poster
A pair of high-frequency traders go up against their old boss in an effort to make millions in a fiber-optic cable deal.


Kim Nguyen


Kim Nguyen

Canadian Kim Nguyen (EYE ON JULIET, WAR WITCH) directs his most commercial film to date based on a script he wrote.  

The film is about THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT.  This project will enable one of the characters, a bespectacled nerdy telecommunications fibre genius named Anton (the hardly recognizable Alexander Skarsgard) to earn millions in order to purchase a cottage in which hummingbirds abound and sing.  It also refers to the saving in timing provided by the fibre which is equivalent to a fraction of the flapping of the hummingbird wing.  

Young entrepreneur, Vincent Zaleski (Jesse Eisenberg) dreams of making millions by saving a millisecond of communication speed by building a…

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Film Review: THE QUIETUDE (LA QUIETUDE) (Argentina 2018) **

Festival Reviews

The Quietude Poster
Two sisters, as close as they are different, find themselves after a long separation.


Pablo Trapero


Alberto Rojas Apel (collaborating writer), Pablo Trapero

THE QUIETUDE is the name of the sprawling ranch in Argentina where a wealthy Argentine family resides.  The quiet ranch will be shown to be not that quiet or restful by the time the film ends.

The film begins with a beautiful young lady in Buenos Aires, Mia (Martina Gusman) entering the house and interrupting a nasty argument that is heard but not seen, which is likely all for the best, as the audience gets the picture.  Mia follows the father to the D.A,’s office where he suffers a stroke and is bedridden.  This brings back to Buenos Aires the other member of the family – Eugenia (Berenice Bejo, the actress and wife…

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Read Poetry: I am me, he is me, by P.T. Saunders

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I am me.
He is also me.
I live in a house.
He lives in my head.
I am quiet.
He is loud.
I am gentle.
He is harsh.
I am often sad.
He is always mad.
I am good.
He is bad.
I want to live life to the full.
He wishes me dead.
I wish he would find somewhere else to live and get out of my head.
I am me.
He is me.
We are me.

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Read Poem: Tell Me, by Tommy Tutalo

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Tell me I can’t, and I’ll continue to pursue my dream

Tell me I’m wasting my time, and I’ll spend more time perfecting my craft

Tell me I’m not good enough, and I’ll turn my good into better, and my better into best

Tell me I’m dreaming, and I’ll turn my dreams into reality

Tell me to get a “real job” and I’ll turn mine into a way of life

Tell me to do it like this, or do it like that, and I’ll turn the other way and do it my way

Tell me I’m too late, or too old, and I’ll finish when I’m done and live like I’m young, turn your late into my fate, and your old into my gold

Tell me I’m strange and no one will understand, and I’ll continue to look in the mirror and smile, and continue to live and do what…

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Read Poem: ANIMA VESTRA, by Venus James

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Spoke to a Baphomet
Down by the willow
He was watching the moon bathe in that same river
That dissolved everything in its way

He whispered:’ This is your version of Aegri somnia’

I tell him that this is not a bad dream and that
I really am shattered in thousands of pieces
And that
I came to lay my burden down

So, he offers a rope and I suddenly see a brighter season

He plays me dirty, one for the shepherd none for the sheep

I asked for my own Beatrice back

she burns in a pit
9th circle – still have her knife in my back
And only then he tells me the rules-the waiting game begins only when the lights go out


Game over.

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Happy Birthday: Jaye Davidson

WILDsound Festival

Jaye Davidson.jpgJaye Davidson

Born: March 21, 1968 in Riverside, California, USA

[on Stephen Rea, his partner in The Crying Game (1992)] I would imagine that Stephen would have been more uncomfortable with me than I would have been with him. See, I’m from another world from Stephen’s life. Stephen is an actor — a Belfast actor, married with children. And he ends up working with someone like me. I felt sorry for Stephen. I can’t speak for him, of course, but I just thought, ”This poor man has to kiss me.”

Do I enjoy wearing dresses? I never, ever did drag. Never.



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