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There is a spotting session – normally with the editor and director somewhere near the final cut which involves understanding the intentions of the material. Any narrative information that the sound can bring to the final process and the setting. There is generally a lot of discussion about dialogue – quality and intelligibility and whether to ADR or not. Some directors prefer original performance. So, capturing the dialogue places a lot of pressure on the production sound mixer. For me, what we do in sound is generally a collaborative process and as technicians we all try to get the best from the material.

Musical Short Films

Short Films in the Musical Genre that was showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. CLICK the links and learn more about the films. Plus, watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos for each film. SUBURBAN DEATHCOREWATCH Audience FEEDBACK Video2014Canada, Documentary/Musical GLOBE TROTWATCH Audience FEEDBACK201423 Countries, Musical CUTTING GRASSWATCH Audience FEEDBACK2014Spain, Documentary METUBEWATCH Audience FEEDBACK2014Germany, Comedy C.T.R.L.WATCH Audience… Continue reading Musical Short Films