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I AM JUST IN CASE, by Callie Kamanitz


The Restoration of a Broken Lady, Poetry by Damita Maclin

THE INNER CONSCIENCE, by Raeshon Woodhouse
The inner conscience – Break Free (Save Me), Poetry by Raeshon Woodhouse

CHILDREN OF ADAM, by Huseyin Abudharr Ali
Children Of Adam, Poetry by Huseyin Abudharr Ali

THE DEFENCE OF THE DARK, Poetry by Helen Spisak

THE HOLLY WHORE, by roney Oenophile

ORDINARY TIME, by Robert Drusetta
Ordinary Time, Poetry by Robert Drusetta

CONFIDING, by Isabella Destrades
CONFIDING, Poetry by Isabella Destrades

GROWTH IN BREXIT, by David Steven Twist
GROWTH IN BREXIT, Poetry by David Steven Twist

I AM, by T. Altman
I AM, Poetry by T. Altman

DEAR YOU, by Chirayu
Dear You, Poetry by Chirayu

FUTURIST, by Stephen Karnaghan
Futurist I am, Poetry by Stephen Karnaghan

FOR ALL WE KNOW, by Eden P. Orbista
For All We Know, Poetry by Eden P. Orbista

WILD TRUMPASAURUS, by Matthew Scott Harris
Wild Trumpasaurus, Poetry by Matthew Scott Harris

Unveiling of the Veil, Poetry by Farzana Moon

STEALTH HORSE, by PV Harrington
Stealth Horse, Poetry by PV Harrington

GATEWAY TO A NEW WORLD, by Coni Koepfinger
GATEWAY TO A NEW WORLD, Poetry by Coni Koepfinger

THE ANGEL OF NEVERLAND, by Jeffrey Brugger Jr.
The Angel of Neverland, Poetry by Jeffrey Brugger Jr

A PSALM OF EXHORTATION, by Marc Libidinsky
A Psalm of exhortation written…, Poetry by Marc Libidinsky

RICHEST NATION, by Donna Roberts
Richest Nation, Poetry by Donna Roberts

SEDONA NOON, by Cliff Smith
Sedona Noon, Poetry by Cliff Smith

THE GARDEN, by Johnny Solstice
the Garden, Poetry by Johnny Solstice

GRANDMA, by Emily Sneed
Grandma, Poetry by Emily Sneed


Poetry, by James Spilman

Genre: Life

There sitting beside you.

You look into his eyes and see a mirror or a bottomless well

Either way you can’t tell

Who’s there

In that chair.





    * * * * *

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Read the best of new poetry from poets from around the world:

LADY MARIE, by Matthias Pantaleon

CHEES PIECE, by Irene Mahanyu

THE FACE OF GOD, by Deborah Johnson
The Face of God, Poetry by Deborah Johnson

THE JOURNEY HOME, by Tyson Cantrell
The Journey Home, Poetry by Tyson Cantrell

IT IS I, by Daniel Franco
It Is I, Poetry by Daniel Franco

STILL THOUGHTS, by Jade Cecilia Macauley
Still Thoughts, Poetry by Jade Cecilia Macauley

GONE, by Heather Bryant
Gone, Poetry by Heather Bryant

WHY, by David Mayall
Why?, Poetry by David Mayall

Satan and his forbidden island, Poetry by Aziz Alkaabi

A BALEFUL BANISHMENT, by Sujoy Bhattacharya
A baleful banishment, Poetry by Sujoy Bhattacharya

THE VOICE, by Tabitha Ashley
The Voice, Poetry by Tabith’Ashley

The Sempiternal Sapphire, Poetry by Sohinee Dey

THE BATTLE, by Glen Hill
The Battle, Poetry by Glen Hill

Chess Piece, Poetry by Irene Mahanyu

 Genre: Betrayal


You play your game
And you call it fair
we’re basically hanging from chains
And all you do is stare?
you always seem to turn out as the victor
And you have it no other way

We stand In the image of chess pieces with every move you’ve already planned ahead
standing on your black and white board just waiting to be picked up again
Who’s to know whom you pick up next

You made us believe you were someone else
Someone special, someone true
We grew fond of you and you did to
Yet you chose to betray us and barely left us clues
But now you’ve finally revealed what’s true
With no warning we were left wondering what to do
Throw you away?
Play along?
All these questions of what to do!

The way you made us all look like fools
You left us running around in circles one after another
But you obviously made yourself the master
Is that what we always were to you?
Just some kids you could push around
Controlled us step by step each move thought of with grave detail afraid you’d slip up

The way you acted was so honest to the point that it was almost right
You played the part that you knew we would believe
The one that we could not catch out on
There was just no thoughts of it being you
No it was never you
Except it was..
One minor slip up
One mistake is all it took to turn your love into hate

Your game of riddles that you found entertaining is about to get a whole new twist
this time we’re in control
We’re the masters
With no one by your side
You’ll be left to do nothing but hide
So now a chess piece
Let’s just see how this plays out


    * * * * *

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An Election, Poetry by Diana Benskin

Genre: Society, Political

America is in mourning
Today her tears are falling
Those votes that were casted
Seem to’ve been wasted
on the President elect
Whom many now reject

This Presidential Win on which injustice ,fear and divisiveness was erected
This is the premise on which he was elected
The diplomacy portrayed is faux
A breeding ground for discrepancies and misogyny to grow

Now is the time to stand firm and let your voices be heard
your vote is your word
That chose the Popular and rightful president
Not some unhinged and intolerable government

The crusaders cries in the street
will become louder when the numbers meet
Let the crusaders pass
For a snake has just slithered through us in the grass.

In the words of George Nathan
all the above will happen
when no votes are cast by you the good citizen

    * * * * *

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Genre: Rhyme, Life

Last thing I remember,
Violent movement,
Forceful pause,

Two colors shining bright.
Red, blue, red, blue…..
Loud sounds
And slowly, I drift.

I wake up with head ache
Tubes in every hole possible.
Painful tears begin to roll.
Memory sea begin to flow.

The year
When our women fought
Equality they wanted
Freedom they chanted,

Their motif was drawn.
Their goals became reality.
Women must work!
Women shall vote!

The head ache is back.
My memories start to fade.
I hear men in white coat call it a name,
Amnesia or so.

My memories now running away.
Please, give reasons why I am alive?
What\’s the whole reason for my existence?
I am becoming history.

My eyes shot open
The light becomes painful.
I slowly sighted a lady,
Her nudity very unpleasant.

The world am in.
Women call rags fashion
Their nipples are in tears.
The way they flaunt it becomes unholy.

My vision of the world reverse.
A woman\’s body becomes worthless.
How soon do they forget,
How fast do they become wayward.

We forgot the fight,
Amnesia is kicking in,
I rather die than stay in this world.

Where a woman\’s body is prized
Where women can\’t carry themselves high.

All for the sake of men.
Men who are fully clothed.
Men who fall for the inner woman.
Men who would eventually disappoint.

I rather run
Far from the world, never to return,
Till my sex is an honour,
Till women ride men.
Till women crown kings.

To be dominant
She has limits.

To be successful
One must work.

To be a woman.
We must have dignity,
She must be proud,
I must be graceful.

My time is up.
Amnesia has won.
My good memories gone!

I shall return .
When my sex wears clothes.
When my sex isn\’t an object of pleasure.
When my sex obey rules of decency.

I shall return.
If this amnesia would be gone!


    * * * * *

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