Turn your screenplay reading into a movie. What we do is redo the narration and dialogue in a studio and then do a visual experience with it.

Then we play it at our film festival and then you obtain and IMDB film credit for your screenplay.

Enclosed is an example dozens of Script Movies and what we’ll do:

We can do any moments of your script, or the entire script if you like – just need to negotiate the fee.

What this video does is best represent you as a writer and the story.

We charge only $50 per minute, but we can do five pages for $225, or 10 pages for $400. That fee pays for the editor and voice over artists.

Then we will make it, post it online within a few weeks and begin the promotion.

If that works for you, simply send $100 US, $250 or $400 US via paypal to

Or, if you like to pay credit card, click the following links:

$100 for 2 pages:
Buy Now Button

$225 for 5 pages:
Buy Now Button

$400 for 10 pages:
Buy Now Button

Then email the festival and send your script at and we’ll send you some questions to make sure we make the best Script Movie possible.

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