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Get to know the Short Film ROBBIE THE RABBIT. Playing at the September 2015 Film Festival

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robbie_the_rabbit_4ROBBIE THE RABBIT, Drama/Family, 7min, Ireland
Directed by Rian Smith

A tragic childhood friendship between two boys leaves one of them obsessed with rabbits.

Rian Smith

Colman MacCionnaith, Finbarr Crotty

Film Type: Short, Student

Film Color: Color

First-time Filmmaker: Yes

Student Project: Yes

Get to know director Rian Smith:

Recently graduating from the National Film School, Rian Smith has taken an award winning script (Student Media Awards Best Film Script 2015) to deliver his debut short Robbie the Rabbit. Drawing on his experiences and skills developed during his time as a student, Rian has directed a film which is both humorous and heartbreaking.

With excellent performances from previously unknown child actors, up-and-coming actor Conall Keating (Fair City) and renowned Irish comedian Andrew Stanley, Robbie the Rabbit tells an unforgettable story of a tragic childhood friendship between two boys, which leaves one of them obsessed with rabbits.