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Read the best of Interviews with Top Hollywood Talent and New Film Festivals from around the world:

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Interview with High-Rise Director Ben Wheatley:
Interview with Director Ben Wheatley (HIGH-RISE)

Interview with Trent Opaloch: DP of Captain America: Civil War:
Interview with Cinematographer Trent Opaloch (Captain America: Civil War)

Interview with Julio Macat: DP of Home Alone & Wedding Crashers:
Interview with Cinematographer Julio Macat (Home Alone, Wedding Crashers, The Boss)

Interview with Oscar Winner Alan Heim: Editor of All That Jazz & Network:
Interview with Oscar Winning Editor Alan Heim (All That Jazz, Network)

Interview with Cristiano Donzeli: Storyboard Artist Ben-Hur & The Young Messiah:
Interview with Storyboard Artist Cristiano Donzelli (Ben-Hur, The Young Messiah)

Interview with Adam Kirley: Stunt Performer Batman Begins & Casino Royale:
Interview with Stunt Performer Adam Kirley (Batman Begins, Casino Royale, Grimsby)

Interview with Student Cuts Film Festival:
Interview with Festival Director Jaka Polutnik (Student Cuts Film Festival)

Interview with Revelation Perth Film Festival:
Interview with Festival Director Richard Sowada (Revelation Perth International Film Festival)

Interview with Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival:
Interview with Festival Director Freda Sideroff (Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival)

www.thefilmfestivalhome.com – Interviews the WILDsound Film and Writing Festival

We are a feedback festival, so each film that plays gets a Q&A moderation video as the Toronto audience talks about each film screened. It’s not a judgmental thing where people have their thumbs up or down for example about each film. It’s really a discussion on the themes of each film and how they made us feel. There are so many amazing short films being made around the world these days and Toronto is the perfect multicultural city to have this type of festival. The art of the conversation is to not talk about negative things. We are living in an era where judgement talk is rampant. All you need to do is go on your facebook or twitter account to see it. So what we try to do is talk about the grey areas of life within the context of these stories without being wanky about it. Each festival is completely different because the films and the people in attendance are always different.

– Matthew Toffolo, WILDsound Festival Director, Interview transcript from The Film Festival Home Website.

The Film Festival Home Interviewed WILDsound’s Festival Director Matthew Toffolo recently.

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