July 2018 – Read the best of Film Festival interviews from around the world:

Interview by Matthew Toffolo Interview with Festival Director Ivan Sosnin (Unknown Film Festival) https://festivalreviews.org/2018/06/18/interview-with-festival-director-ivan-sosnin-unknown-film-festival/ Interview with Festival Director Olivia Carmel (COPPER MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL) https://festivalreviews.org/2018/06/16/interview-with-festival-director-olivia-carmel-copper-mountain-film-festival/ Interview with Festival Director Alecs Nastoiu (SHORT TO THE POINT (STTP) ) https://festivalreviews.org/2018/06/12/interview-with-festival-director-alecs-nastoiu-short-to-the-point-sttp/ Interview with Festival Director Daniel Wesseik (Pannen op Het Dak) https://festivalreviews.org/2018/06/12/interview-with-festival-director-daniel-wesseik-pannen-op-het-dak/

May 2018 – Read the best of Filmmaker Interviews

Read 14 interviews from up and coming filmmakers that had their film shown at the FEEDBACK Film Festival events. By Matthew Toffolo Interview with Filmmaker Andy Fortenbacher (ORNAMENT OF BEAUTY) Interview with Filmmaker Andy Fortenbacher (ORNAMENT OF BEAUTY) Interview with Filmmaker Christian Arnold (CHRICKE) Interview with Filmmaker Christian Arnold (CHRICKE) Interview with Filmmaker Declan Quinlan (BOY) Interview… Continue reading May 2018 – Read the best of Filmmaker Interviews