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POLAR WHERE? – AUDIENCE FEEDBACK from WILDsound Aug. 2015 Film Festival

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Moderation discussion video of the short film from the August 27 2015 WILDsound FEEDBACK Film Festival.

POLAR WHERE?, Animation/Comedy, 1min, UK
Directed by Terry Thomas

A polar bear is in search for his lost friend in this short animated comedy adventure.

Terry Thomas

Terry Thomas

Key Cast
Terry Thomas
Ben Cochrane

Terry Thomas

FEEDBACK Film Festival – Highlights from the Thursday August 27 2015 event.

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Go to the highlights page and watch each individual moderation video and learn about each film that played at the festival: http://www.wildsoundfestival.com/august_2015_film_festival.html


Best Film: DAD IN MUM

Best Overall Performances: Actors from NO LOVE LOST

Best Cinematography: NO LOVE LOST

Best Music: Original Score from AFTER

The theme of the AUGUST 2015 FILM FESTIVAL was:

Every film showcased on the night was about a character(s) showing who they are and/or trying to figure out who they are.

– In NO LOVE LOST, Jewish boy nurtures a secret romance with a Muslim girl unaware he is being stalked.

– In AFTER, a man figures out whether he wants to live or die.

– In DAD IN MUM, two sisters try to figure out what the moans are coming from their parents bedroom.

– In MOVING PARIS, dancers merge together in the city of Paris.

– In POLAR WHERE?, a polar bear tries to find his friend.

– In KNOCKED DOWN, a young boxer figures things out while fighting for the belt.

– In BEING, a lonely ghost tries to connect with someone.

– In MINOTAUR, we enter a scary world in an allegory.

– In FAT, a girl with an eating disorder must learn to love herself.

– In STEADI-KID, we watch a commercial that’s really not a commercial.

It’s a new beginning to the FEEDBACK Film Festival at the Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto, Canada, as great things are coming in the 2015 and 2016 seasons. .

Take a look at the Audience Feedback Videos from our NEW Film Festival. Some of the best short films in the world today were showcased.