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WATCH OCTOBER 2014 Poetry Readings

In mid-2014, due to popular demand, we decided to have poetry readings performed by professional actors and then showcased on our YouTube channel. So far we’ve had excellent results as the readings are garnering a lot of views, the actors LOVE doing them, and the poets themselves seem to really be happy with the final product.

Anyone can submit their poem to be posted on our network, or have it performed. There are no winners etc.. because all poems deserve to be showcased. It’s such a subjective form of expression it wouldn’t be fair to state one poem is better than another. Plus, it’s the final product as scripts and many other forms of writing are part of a collaborative team and the written work is the beginning of a long process.

You can submit your Poem today before the October 31st deadline:

Or watch last month’s poetry readings performed by actress Val Cole:

Or watch past and present readings here on the YouTube playlist:

Here’s a recent comment from poet Donald Carroll on why he submitted his poem to be performed at WILDsound:

First off, WILDsound followed me on twitter. That would give a writer a good indication and to get some really great exposure. Also, the fact WILDsound is out of Canada and Rush is from Canada. I saw those guys when I was in high school. I had to sneak to go to that concert in 76 or 77. It was my first ever concert and absolutely loved it. A small reflection on how impacted I was by them.