Death of Bi-phobia, Poetry by Rebecca E Blanton

Dykes, faggots and heteros, lend me your ears;
I have come to bury bi- phobia.
Gender is too often exalted
and oft felt in your bones.
So let it be with you. I will tell you
gender is irrelevant to me.

Straight? What?, Poetry by Rebecca E. Blanton

Genre: Gay, Society Straight? What? by Rebecca E. Blanton Original work, January 2015 Wait, what hon? You’re straight? What do you mean, straight? Straightened your hair? Got braces and fixed your teeth? Straight up? Straight outta Compton? Wait, straight like the dicks you like? Please be patient, this will take me a minute. Do you… Continue reading Straight? What?, Poetry by Rebecca E. Blanton