YEARNING, Poetry by Kapil Joshi

GENRE: DESPAIR, LOVE, LIFE, LONGING,PAINFUL, RELATIONSHIPS YEARNING by Kapil Joshi a long cherished dream perceived,protected through fallacies of perception… protected,perceived by the walls raised through the fallacies of a dumb mind…. an enemy and a friend at the same time embracing the light of longing of an emblazoned heart now empty now full of love…… Continue reading YEARNING, Poetry by Kapil Joshi

To Timothy, Poetry by Axane Sand

GENRE : relationship To Timothy by Axane Sand My feet, my feet Are always borderline Never able to choose If they should fall or climb To the right, to the left Up or down there’s no sign No little help to show me Which way to decide My eyes, my eyes Aren’t along the same… Continue reading To Timothy, Poetry by Axane Sand