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April 2018 Short Films that played at festival (Watch Audience Feedback Videos)

32 Short Films showcased in total!

festival posterSUNDAY DINNER, 15min., USA, Documentary


festival posterA GOOD BLINDER, 26min., USA, Documentary

festival posterSPINNING IN SLOW MOTION, 12min, Australia, Drama

festival posterI PROMISED HER LIFE, 15min., Drama/Family

festival posterCITY GIRL, 10min., Drama

festival posterJOY! BLUE MOON, 3min., USA, Animation/Music

festival posterWHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, 6min., USA, Experimental/Music Video</a

festival posterNIGHT LIVE, 7min., China, Experimental/New Media

festival posterVOICES, 6min., Italy, Experimental/Music Video

festival posterTHE NIGHT SKY, 3min., Sweden, Experimental

festival posterCALO MESA – TECHNO HIPPIE, 3min., USA, Experimental/Music Video

festival posterSAMFAELINI: BUSBY BERKELEY’S DREAM ABERRATIONS, 2min., UK, Experimental/Music Video

festival posterEPINEPHRINE, 6min., USA, Experimental/Music Video

festival posterTRAINS – RADIO CUT, 3min., UK, Music Video

festival posterBLACK BIRD, 4min., USA, Experimental/Fantasy

festival posterTHE LONGING RITUAL, 4min., USA, Experimental/Animation

festival posterYOU’RE DEAD WRONG, 6min., Canada, Music Video

festival posterALL FALLS DOWN, 6min., USA, Experimental/Documentary

festival posterSAINT ETIENNE – MAGPIE EYES, 3min., Music Video

festival posterTHE FRUIT MACHINE, 16min., Canada, LGBT/Drama

festival posterBOY, 9min., USA, LGBT/Drama

festival posterCHRICKLE, 7min., Sweden, LGBT/Experimental

festival posterMATTHEW, 6min., USA, LGBT/Family

festival posterYOURS FAITHFULLY EDNA WELTHORPE (MRS), UK, Animation/Comedy

festival posterVOWS, 4min., USA, LGBT/Animation

festival posterA LETTER FROM LETICIA, 3min., Argentina, Animation

festival posterDAUGHTER, 3min., Canada, Drama/Family

festival posterMILE, 1min., USA, Drama

festival posterTRAIN

festival posterWINE AND EGGS, 5min., Turkey, Drama

festival posterORNAMENT OF BEAUTY, USA, Thriller/Fantasy

RSVP the May 2018 FEEDBACK Film Festival Events in Toronto: 3 in total

3 EVENTS TO RSVP for the May 2018 FEEDBACK Film Festival Events.
A showcase of the best short films from around the world today!!!

Fest #1: ACTION/CRIME/THRILLER Short Film Festival: Monday May 21st. 7pm Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto


RSVP at festivalevent@wildsoundfestival.com

Films from Canada, France, UK, and the USA

Fest #2: DOCUMENTARY Short Film Festival: Thursday May 31st. 7pm Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto


RSVP at tickets@wildsound.ca

Films from Bosnia, Canada, Uganda, and the USA

Fest #3: FANTASY/SCI-FI Short Film Festival: Thursday May 31st. (SPECIAL 9pm start time) Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto


RSVP at forwards@wildsoundfestival.com

Films from Belguim, Canada, Israel, Turkey, UK, and the USA.


We are introducing you to watch the best short films from around the world – guaranteed!

See the full program and info for each film and filmmaker.

To RSVP, simply reply to the emails and RSVP! Or, go to the festival program page and get your tickets there. Tickets are FREE or Pay What you Like to cover the cinema costs.