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OUT, OUT DAMNED, 140 Character Twitter Short Story by Marielena

Watch the April 2016 Winning 140 Character Twitter Short Story.

Watch OUT, OUT DAMNED Twitter Story:


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The Break Up, 140 Character Twitter Story by Gwen Winegar

Watch the April 2016 Winning 140 Character Twitter Short Story.

THE BREAK UP by Gwen Winegar

Get to know writer Gwen Winegar:

1) What is your very short story about?

My story (as the title implies) is about a breakup.

2) What motivated you to write this story and submit it to the festival?

I wrote it to express the agony involved in heartbreak. I submitted it because other people felt it was a great poem.

3) What movie have you seen the most in your life?

Back to the Future or The Faculty because I want to write about time travel and pod people.

4) How many scripts and stories have you written?

Dozens of poems, 1 script I am developing from a recurring dream and several short novels. I am currently developing a few novels in my favorite genre Paranormal/Fantasy Romance.

5) What artists would you love to work with?

Robert Rodriguez, Rob Thomas (writer of iZombie), James Franco, Patricia Resnick, Robert Zemeckis.

6) What is your passion in life?


7) Any tips for other writers who want to write a 140 character short story?

Write from the heart and life experience.