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The art of the SHORT STORY. Read over 200 short story logline pitches in 24 genres

The Short Story. WILDSound has performed 12 short story readings in 2014, plus it is in the process of making a Children’s Short Story book into a movie. Go to http://www.youtube.com/wildsoundfest and watch the Diamond and the Foster movies.

We believe in the art of the short story as it will be the future of storytelling as we move onward in this information age. After all, you can categorize this blog post and the 1 million other blogs on the net as short stories, right?

What is a short story? That’s really hard to define. It typically centers around a self-contained incident or a single effect mood or tone. It’s longer than an anecdote, but shorter than a novel.

Short stories really have no set length, which makes it difficult for others, including this festival, to produce and distribute. Every story is like its own body of creation.

WILDsound’s Festival is proud to present over 200 short story loglines in over 24 genres:


Please navigate the link and explore.

We have also completed many short story video pitches. For example, watch the Video Short Story Pitch: Love in the Time of Slavery, by Jaime Martinez Tolentino

You can also submit your own short story to the festival for feedback and actor performance:

Or, submit your FREE Logline to the network. We accept any format or genre:


Matthew Toffolo

Video Pitch Loglines – Getting your story pitch made into a movie

Back in early 2014, WILDsound began making movies out of writer’s logline submissions. It’s a great way for their script or story to be presented in a visual fashion. Take a look at recent pitches made into movies:

As of this writing, we have made over 50 videos in various ways and formats.

Click here and send in your own logline and we’ll turn it into a movie:

A great way to increase your presence and get your story out to the world. This network averages over 95,000 unique visitors a day. We guarantee that your video will garner 1000s of hits by being showcased on the YouTube channel.

Here’s a quick summary of writing a logline:

Go to the main logline page and read logline writing basics:

Here’s a quick teaser:

Brevity is an absolute necessity of creating a good logline. You should go through many drafts to make sure every adjective is the most perfect and evocative and above all accurate. Get out your thesaurus find the best words for the job. You can’t afford a single extra character.

Choose your focus carefully. You need to pinpoint the most important through-line of your story. What you pick must be dynamic: you need to describe action, conflict, challenge.

The easiest way to phrase your logline is to state the genre, an attribute of the main character, and what the character needs to achieve to meet a challenge. Of course, you may see your script as a slice of life or a series of vignettes or something else that doesn’t lend itself to a clear statement in this form, but attempt it.

For example:

“The Last Thing She Did” is a romantic comedy in which a ditsy writer struggles to overcome her reliance on a dead friend’s advice in order to meet a deadline.

A WILDsound Writing Festival Review. Hope you enjoy.
– Matthew Toffolo