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Watch Video Pitch for THE DECISION, Novel by C.P. Munro

    Watch the Video Pitch Logline for the Novel:

Get to know writer C.P. Munro:

1. What makes your story unique and also engaging?

A man sells his heart and soul for monetary reasons believing his life is going to change for the better. He cold-heartedly takes what he feels he deserves regardless of whose well-being he tampers with. Little does he know what karma lies ahead? He’ll face the ultimate sacrifice. To take what he never earned in the first place, or save a young woman from a depleting life in prison, a woman he discovers is his twin sister, a sister he never knew about. What will be engaging is what will he do? And what will be the outcome afterwards.

2. Why does the world need to know about your story?

The story gives a good idea of how the way things used to be. The story takes place in the 1940”s, therefore it captivates an older audience as they take a trip down memory lane with songs they once danced too, clothes they once wore, cars they once drove and the certain standard of ethics which followed in those days.

Example: A woman’s honor and how certain things were hidden in a closet.

The story also would educate a younger audience as the times have certainly changed since then.

3. What type of music do you see in your story if made into a movie?

The story takes place in the 1940”s so for scenes such as Virginia’s wedding, I picture an orchestra playing whatever was popular at that time. For suspenseful scenes, dramatic music with violins and piano add to the suspense. Soft music for romantic scenes, my favourite instrument sound is the piano. And of course the main couple should have a theme song ( their song )

4. What films have you seen most in your life?

My 3 Favorites are: Gone with the wind, Rebecca, Dead Ringer

5. What artists would you love to work with?

I have a vision in my head of what the characters look like, how they talk, and how each of them differs. But none are well known actors. Sometimes I feel a story is stronger when an unknown actor takes the part. To me my train of thought is never broken and I can actually place myself amongst them. The story becomes incredibly real; it’s as if it’s actually happening. Many times I’ve watched an intense scene where a new character is introduced, he’s about to make his appearance, and then suddenly it’s the actor who plays the part of Kevin on the Young and the Restless. Wow I recognise him but the moment got lost, the suspense which was building vanished in an instant. I’m now thinking about the Young and the Restless instead of the story itself. There are numerous unknown talented actors out there and I’m sure many would love the opportunity to start their career with a role as powerful as that of Joseph Hall, Edward Williams, and Margret Williams and of course Sophie Logan.

6. Other than writing what else are you passionate about?

I really enjoy TV Series. I’ve watched many and have a hard time limiting myself to 2 or 3 episodes a day. My favourites are: Breaking Bad, Nashville and Wentworth. I feel The Decision would make a very good TV Series; I am currently writing the second part, the continuing story of The Decision and named it Revenge in Manhattan. Both books combined I think an enticing title would be something like The Ambitious Mr. Hall. I can see the ladies around the water cooler discussing last night’s episode as they fall madly in love with him or madly love to ring his neck, whatever the case may be, and yes of course the actor playing Joseph Hall is drop-dead gorgeous, irresistible, a man many women could easily forgive.

7. Do you have a set writing routine?

No I write when the idea comes to me. Whether that’s 3 o’clock in the morning or while I’m grocery shopping, I always carry a pen and small notebook on me.

Family Feature Film Pitches – Read over 100 family loglines

What is a family film?

First the difference between this genre and children’s movies: Children’s films are made specifically for children and not necessarily for the general audience, while family films are made for a wider appeal with a general audience in mind. They stick with a G or PG format. It’s basically a movie that can been seen by everyone that almost always has a feel-good or happy tone and ending.

This is a genre that will be around as long as families are around. Every week the studios will premiere a film that an entire family will be able to see.

Read now over 100 family film pitches and loglines. All original copyrighted stories:

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Here’s an example of a family film logline pitch:


Written by: Fred Iden

Genre: Family comedy

Type: Feature Screenplay

Logline: Struggling through a poor man’s midlife crisis is challenging but will a crazy dream help our hero realize there’s no place like home… before his wife throws him out?

WGA#: 1238062


Since the 1990s, many family films have been animation movies. Many of these films appeal to kids at their intellectual level while also giving the older audience (the parents) plots and jokes that they can also relate with. In the last 25 years, the list of solid animation movies with family themes is endless. Studios like Disney and Pixar (with the help of Industrial Light and Magic) has amazed the storytelling world with the way they can cross generations with their movies.

The hard part about writing a family film is to not insult the older audience with “childless” plots and situations, while not being too mature and plots too difficult to follow for the younger audience. Some call writing a family screenplay the toughest thing to do because you’re attempting to engage many generations.

Please enjoy reading all of the Family Movie Loglines:

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