Interview with Alan Hostetter, February 2015 Novel Festival Winner (HELLCAT)

HELLCAT is a detective story about a blackmail plot gone wrong, where many elements of the investigation lead back to a mysterious woman with a notorious past. (As a teenager, she partially castrated her rapist.) The book explores the cultural effect of her vengeance as well as the effect it had on her life.

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Matthew Toffolo interviews Alan Hostetter:

Matthew: What is your experience in the world of writing?

Alan: I’ve been writing plays, screenplays and novels for over thirty years.

Matthew: How many stories/novels have you written?

Alan: I’ve written several screenplays, a musical and three novels.

Matthew: What movie have you seen the most in your life?

Alan: The movies I’ve watched most often are “Star Wars” and “Dr. Zhivago.”

Matthew: What artist would you love to work with?

Alan: I’d love to work with Charlize Theron some day.

Matthew: Do you have a routine, structure in place to write?

Alan: I have no set process for writing. I just follow my instincts, which I advise others to do.

Matthew: Besides writing, what else are you passionate about?

Alan: I’m a film and movie guy, a gaffer and cameraman by trade, and love my work.

Matthew: What influenced your to submit to WILDsound?

Alan: After working in a vacuum as a writer for many years, I’m interested in sharing my writing work now more than ever.

* * * *

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