Interview with Poet Kenyetta Lewis (Emotions, I Love You So Much, When I Left You)

I have never done or heard of such an opportunity. I am hoping to learn about myself and my writing once I hear what it sounds like being read my another person. I want to see if what I am writing, is what will be felt by the audience.

– Kenyetta Lewis, on the WILDsound Experience.

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Matthew Toffolo Interviews Kenyetta Lewis:

Matthew: What ares the themes of your poems?

Each of my poems are about love and the pain associated with loving someone. Its not always easy

Matthew: How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your poetry reading?

Kenyetta: I am hoping with each poem they will feel emotions they have felt that have made them cry. I have a poem I wrote to my daughter and I am hoping when they hear that one they will cry from knowing the pain of a mother who has hurt her child and she’s begging for her forgiveness

Matthew: How long have you been writing poetry?

Kenyetta: I have been writing poetry since I was ten years old. It’s been thirty-five years. I have been writing my entire life

Matthew: Do you have a favorite poet?

Kenyetta: I don’t have a favorite poet. I love many different kinds of poems. I enjoy poems of nature, love and life. A recent favorite is called “looking at each other” by Muriel Rukeyser. It reminds me of a few poems I have written and I like this style of poetry. I love when poets can bring feelings to the reader. If the reader is experiencing a different emotion by the end of the poem, then the writer did his/hers job

Matthew: Do you write other works? scripts? Short Stories? Etc..?

Kenyetta: I am in the process of writing my first book which will be story of my life. I’m not sure if I’m going to put it in novel form or biography form. I have not written in a long time so I am working on my skills again. writhing has always been a d passion of mine.

Matthew: What is your passion in life?

Kenyetta: My passion is to make aware to people the affects of domestic and sexual violence. I am a survivor of both. I want my poetry to reach people by allowing them to feel the pain survivors have and had to live with. Also, to let survivors know they are not the only one’s and others just like them still have pain and scars from what they endured. I want to help people to love themselves so they can love others. I want to remind people that our children need them and so do all survivors. Domestic and sexual abuse should be easy to discuss and it should not be a shameful secret.

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