Read Today’s NOVEL Loglines and Pitches

Read today’s NOVEL Loglines and Pitches:

Title: Jack Spade: Dream Detective
Written by: Carl A Chase
Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Crime
Type: Novel

Title: The Turn of the Karmic Wheel
Written by: Monica M. Brinkman
Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Speculative Fiction, Adventure, Soirituality
Type: Novel

Title: Survival Year
Written by: Jennifer Shearer French
Genre: Sci Fi, Political Thriller, Drama
Type: Novel

Title: My Beloved Tourniquet
Written by: Solange nicole
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Gothic Romance
Type: Novel

Written by: Nadine Frye
Genre: Drama
Type: Novel

Title: Slave To Love
Written by: Romay
Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Type: Novel

Written by: JON LYMON
Type: Novel

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