Writing Festival Testimonials for Today

For anyone starting out, I cannot recommend a better competition to enter. Since rewriting my script based on their constructive criticism I have placed in a handful of semifinals and finals that I don’t believe I would have reached without their feedback and continued support.

– Kim Godfrey-Hempsall, ERASER, TV Pilot

Thank you so much…wow, your feedback was amazing!

– Janie Fontaine, ILLUSIONS, Short Script

Thank you WILDsound Team for a very helpful/insightful critique of Godz of Clay

– JJ Palazzii, GODZ OF CLAY, Feature Screenplay

Wow is what I have to say to your feedback. I don’t disagree with any of your comments.

– Kirsten Wohlgemuth, NOT TO TALK ABOUT UNTIL NOW, Full Novel

Thank you for the excellent feedback.

– Jeffrey VanDavis, THE HOTEL ROOM, Feature Screenplay

In response to your request to my thoughts about the feedback: Good overall and thoughtful. Nice work, and you can’t beat the price.

– Paul Myerberg, MURDERED BY THE IRS, Feature Screenplay

Thanks so much for that great feedback! When I have a bit more of a budget, I might consider having you guys perform some of it, as many people have already told me they can see it as a movie…

– Leslie Miller, THE GIRL WITH THE HALF AND HALF FACE, 1st Chapter Novel

A note to let you know that I thought your review of “Unconditional Love” was right on. Thanks for the encouragement regarding the basics of the thesis. Also, your comments about the weak points were well make.

– Chet Shupe, Unconditional Love, Short Story
I just wanted to say THANKS for the feedback. It was very specific, detailed and makes a lot of sense. It helped me to consider a lot of what I hadn’t considered before. I really do appreciate the time you took to prepare this and I feel this was money well-spent. I will continue to work on this and send to you again in the near future. Thanks again

– Robert People, First Lady, TV Pilot

    * * * * *

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