New Testimonials from the WILDsound Festival (review)

Read a WILDsound Festival Review. Various comments and opinions from writers who submitted to the festival. Testimonials from 2016. (January 2016 to March 2016)

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Thank you so much for your feedback. It is positive and constructive, as well as easy to understand. As I make the transition from books to screenplays, I am looking to learn all I can about the craft of screenwriting, and your feedback has been an extremely helpful step in that process. I’m glad you see potential in my script and I’m ready to get to work in making it the best it can be. Thanks again!!!

– Keisha Bass, Feature Screenplay “For God’s Glory”

Spot on feedback. I’ll check it out again, clean up some of the lengthy descriptions and work through your notes.

– Thorsten Loos, Short Screenplay “Beyond Treatment”

I have to really thank the actors for my reading, nothing short of terrific as they were, nothing short of incredibly smart, attractive, and perceptive as they were. They brought the script to life better.

– Fredric Maffai, Feature Screenplay “Moths to Flame”

Thank you very much for your kind words and constructive criticism regarding my script. I found your feedback very helpful and I can’t say I disagree with much of what was said. I’ll take these notes to heart as I begin my next draft.

– Colin McCormick, Short Screenplay “The King of Denmark”

Thank you for your feedback & detailed critique.

– Eugene Wytrkus, Feature Screenplay “The Money Run”

I was just writing to thank you for the great critiques and criticisms. Your email will be incredibly helpful when I begin the revising process for “Errant’s War”, so I am incredibly grateful to you for providing such help!

– Philip Tice, Feature Screenplay “The Errant’s Wars”

Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate an honest critique. I am working on the re-write.

– Eric Granger, Feature Screenplay “Tangled Spirits”

Thank you for these very helpful notes. Hopefully I can make the
suggested additions and/or changes necessary as I do plan to resubmit.

– Gary Billings, Feature Screenplay “Eve, Mother of All Living”

Good morning, thank you very much for taking the time to read through my first script. I appreciate the constructive feedback and will go back and re-edit/correct as needed.

– Wolfgang Schuler, Feature Screenplay “Spy Harmony”

Thank you for the great feedback on my script. I have to say I agree with everything you had to say, and I’ll work on cleaning the script up.

– Janyce Lapore, Feature Screenplay “Screaming My Heart Out”

I have taken the time to review your feedback and have found your comments and suggested invaluable. As an amateur writer, with this being my first attempt at a screenplay, it’s feedback like this that will help mold me into a stronger writer. I am taking your suggestions and comments into consideration and heading back to the drawing board. My time is limited and I do not want to rush myself.

– Sarah Kochan, Feature Screenplay “Infected Romance”

Thank you for your incisive feedback on my submission. I especially appreciate the specificity with which you address areas that need improvement, and I can see how revising them will make my resubmission better.

– Edythe Wise, Feature Screenplay “Orpheus Takes a Detour”

Thank you for your excellent feedback! This is my first ever script / writing attempt, so I really did need the valued advice you so clearly pointed out.

– Ben Browne, Feature Screenplay “Sinjar”

Thank you very much for your email and taking the time to write such a good feedback. I really appreciate all your comments and I will definitely take them on board. No worries about being harsh – the harder the better as it helps me to improve my writing.

– Andrew Chaos, Feature Screenplay “Release the Chaos”

Thanks for my feedback! I love it! Maybe I can tweak it some more, but I agree that with everything else that is going on, the subtle ending works and you forget how simple the plot is. Thanks again!

– Diarra McCormick, Short Screenplay “LeRoy’s Dream”


WILDsound Festival Review – Today’s Short Film Submission Testimonials

Today’s Testimonials – Filmmakers feedback on their feedback given on their short film.

All films that do not make the festival cut can request the feedback notes on their film from the committee. Here are some recent reactions:

    * * * * *

This feedback is great. If this is what I get with the film being rejected, I can only imagine the feedback from the actual festival. I actually agree with basically everything you’ve said here. Thanks so much for the opportunity, and good luck with the festival!
– Tim Bridgewater, Short Film

    * * * * *

Thank you so much for the feedback. This was what I was looking forward to seeing and I think it will make me a better filmmaker. Making the film fest was not as important as hearing your reaction. I plan on studying your notes in more detail when I have the time. Thanks again for taking the time to give give me your analysis of this.
– Marti Krzywonos, Short Film

    * * * * *

Thank you very much for the feedback and although we were disappointed not be part of the festival, we feel delighted with the feedback. All the points are very just, and we can definitely take a lot of positives from it. We’ll use this feedback improve, and fine tune our craft. So thanks again.
– Julian Hundy, Short Film

    * * * * *

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Audience Comments from last night’s Film Festival Event (May 28, 2015).

Spectacular films and accompanying conversations. Great range of genre and cross genres. Small, carefully, thoughtfully packaged 5-10 min gifts from filmmakers from 5 different countries including Canada.

The body of work acted as a thesis conductor, Knock out and flow style over symphonic lead, in the theatre of motion arts, sound and language.

My personal favorite, if I must choose only one, was German Shepherd.

The moderator Matthew Toffolo was excellent! Love WILDsound

– Donna Thompson, (from Meetup)

Tonight was fantastic!

– the_wizard_of_oz, (from Instagram)

This was a great event. Nice variety of movies. Distinct. Awesome to see the differences even in short films…stylistically and conceptually. This was my first event but it won’t be my last.

– Claudene, (from Meetup)

I loved these films and the intelligent discussions. Awesome!!!

– bruno_marks, (from Twitter)

Very interesting group of films.

– David, (from Meetup)

Love this event and how its evolved from its inception with the National Film Board. The moderator is a master at making sure the conversations flow in an intelligent and insightful manner. What a great night last night.

– Bob S, (from Facebook)

Great films tonight!

– Susanne, (from Meetup)

Comments from the May 28 2015 FEEDBACK Film Festival event. Go to and see upcoming events and festival deadlines.

Writing Festival Testimonials for Today

For anyone starting out, I cannot recommend a better competition to enter. Since rewriting my script based on their constructive criticism I have placed in a handful of semifinals and finals that I don’t believe I would have reached without their feedback and continued support.

– Kim Godfrey-Hempsall, ERASER, TV Pilot

Thank you so much…wow, your feedback was amazing!

– Janie Fontaine, ILLUSIONS, Short Script

Thank you WILDsound Team for a very helpful/insightful critique of Godz of Clay

– JJ Palazzii, GODZ OF CLAY, Feature Screenplay

Wow is what I have to say to your feedback. I don’t disagree with any of your comments.

– Kirsten Wohlgemuth, NOT TO TALK ABOUT UNTIL NOW, Full Novel

Thank you for the excellent feedback.

– Jeffrey VanDavis, THE HOTEL ROOM, Feature Screenplay

In response to your request to my thoughts about the feedback: Good overall and thoughtful. Nice work, and you can’t beat the price.

– Paul Myerberg, MURDERED BY THE IRS, Feature Screenplay

Thanks so much for that great feedback! When I have a bit more of a budget, I might consider having you guys perform some of it, as many people have already told me they can see it as a movie…

– Leslie Miller, THE GIRL WITH THE HALF AND HALF FACE, 1st Chapter Novel

A note to let you know that I thought your review of “Unconditional Love” was right on. Thanks for the encouragement regarding the basics of the thesis. Also, your comments about the weak points were well make.

– Chet Shupe, Unconditional Love, Short Story
I just wanted to say THANKS for the feedback. It was very specific, detailed and makes a lot of sense. It helped me to consider a lot of what I hadn’t considered before. I really do appreciate the time you took to prepare this and I feel this was money well-spent. I will continue to work on this and send to you again in the near future. Thanks again

– Robert People, First Lady, TV Pilot

    * * * * *

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Today’s Festival Testimonials (via MovieBytes)

We’re extremely satisfied with the administration of the WILDsound competition. We were offered the opportunity for a table read of our script. Okay, I admit it. We were skeptical. We weren’t convinced they could do an effective reading of such a large-cast script. But they completely blew us away. They came up with an amazingly effective presentation using two talented actors as the main characters and three playing revolving roles. In addition, WILDsound has provided post-win guidance. They’re cordial, helpful and quick to respond to questions. On one occasion, I emailed them at about two a.m. and was astonished when I received an immediate response. This is the first contest experience in which we really feel our screenplay is being actively promoted.

– VerLynn Kneifl, Feature Script

The feedback WILDsound has given to my script has been vital. It has put me into the right direction to improve my script in the best possible way. I scheduled to enter other contests because I believe in this project and I want to spread it in any way, until an agent/producer will be found.

– Roberto Lezzi, Short Script

Wildsound ran the contest smoothly. They met their deadlines, delivered what they promised, and kept in contact with me throughout the process.

– Michael Kellner, TV Pilot

WILDsound is wonderful. I have to say I was particularly pleased with their feedback. It was timely and the person actually read and understood the story. I thank them for that and would recommend their site to all writers. When my work was chosen as a winner it really boosted my resolve to keep writing. I plan to submit this work to more contests.

– Carkic Angelina, 1st Scene Script

The administration of this contest is a treasure! They take great time to provide the most expert, detailed feedback, even allowing my choice to incorporate the committee’s ideas or stay with my draft. With caring support, they honored each deadline and every award they promised, and I’m forever grateful for their insightful niggles to enhance my story.

– Elan Carlson, Feature Script

Without a doubt, I think the administration of the Wildsound contest is one of the best I’ve seen so far in many years of entering contests. Not because I won their contest, which is way too easy and cheesy of an accolade to heave upon them, but because of Wildsound’s conscientious and dutiful actions after I entered.

As any contest participant knows, if you do contests long enough you’ll need to contact a contest with a question concerning your entry, payment, whatever. A lot of contests that I’ve been involved with actually forget this aspect of their contest… timely responses to a participant’s questions. Screenwriters are innately stressful people. Most creative types are. And we want to hear back from a contest ASAP if we have a question. A couple contests I never heard back from if you can believe it. Matthew at Wildsound replied to most of my emails within hours if not a few minutes. He’s right up there with the best of them, such as the hardworking Greg Beal at Nicholl.

– Robert Ward, Short Script

Wildsound was more than I expected. After my initial entry, they made some great suggestions on improving the script. I took their advice, made the adjustments and resubmitted the pilot. They sent back more notes, I made some minor final touches, sent it back and found that I won. Since they announced my win, they have kept me posted regarding views of the video and what I can do to help promote my script.

– John Fuhrman, TV PIlot

* * * * *

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Today’s Testimonials. Recent submitters Feedback on the Feedback on their work.

Thank you very much for your notes! They are spot-on. I agree that the story should probably focus more on Peter’s dilemma. If it ties in with Phuc’s heroin operation though, I’d need to walk that fine line of developing the subplots enough without overpowering the main story.

– David Chan, Family Guy TV Spec

Thanks to you and your team for such excellent and detailed feedback. It’s clear that those reviewing the script have put a great deal of time and effort into breaking it down and assessing it professionally – and we’re very grateful. We particularly appreciate the fact that both the strengths and the weaknesses have been highlighted, so we can see what we’re doing right, as well as which elements need work.

– Sara Myles, TV Pilot (May Contain Nuts)

Your critique of “Dear Prudence” is REMARKABLE! I am ever grateful for it… as it is time to rewrite the story; the invaluable examination is the most in-depth and inspiring that I have ever received. Thank you, endlessly. It is TRULY an inspiration for me to recreate.

– Amanda Grieme, Full Novel (Dear Prudence)

Thanks for the great advice! I worked on the “drama” this morning and I can see what you mean. I’m grateful for the amazing feedback! The turtle wins the race, right? πŸ™‚

– Amy Kierce, 1st Chapter (Onion Grass)

The feedback was excellent and highlighted the weakness of tne writing skill, but I need more time to be “polished” I will use my feedback wisely and will give a thumbs up for wildsound to any screenwriter that is looking for feedback.

– Todz Wriging, Feature Screenplay (Bill The Pirate)

I am most pleased with the overall tone used in your feedback(s) given. Not offensive, constructive, and unlike some others out there. I have also found them all to be detailed and precise enough, with a more than adequate angle of pursuit given to me for any further rewrites that I should undertake.

– Charles Laulette, Various Feature Screenplays

Thank you so much for your feedback. It is thought provoking and helpful. I feel the urge to go back to line one and make the scenes a lot more punchy.

– Darryl Greer, 1st Scene Screenplay (The Morning After)

I appreciate the time taken to read and provide this feedback, and have found it very helpful. I am currently in the process of applying the suggested changes, and am likely to resubmit once I have done so.

– Christopher Barlow, Feature Screenplay (Injustice)

Today’s Writing Festival Testimonials

Read testimonials of recent submitted works and their reactions to the feedback they have received from the festival:

Submit your Screenplay or Story (Novel, Short Story) to the festival today for FEEDBACK, plus get it performed at the festival by professional actors:

I appreciate you taking the time to give me a good insight into the next steps and tweaking I need to work on.

– Lois Terrans, TV Spec Screenplay (Supernatural)

Thank you so much for this feedback-I have read it and look forward to really making time to consider all these points and suggestions-I appreciate the detail and your staff’s thoughts on improvements..

– Lisa Sniderman, Stage Play (What Dreams Are Made Of)

A note to let you know that I thought your review of “Unconditional Love” was right on. Thanks for the encouragement regarding the basics of the thesis. Also, your comments about the weak points were well make.

– Chet Shupe, Unconditional Love, Short Story
Thanks for the feedback! Very helpful advice for my next draft.

– Ryan Feldman, Girls, TV Spec Screenplay
I just wanted to say THANKS for the feedback. It was very specific, detailed and makes a lot of sense. It helped me to consider a lot of what I hadn’t considered before. I really do appreciate the time you took to prepare this and I feel this was money well-spent. I will continue to work on this and send to you again in the near future. Thanks again.

– Robert People, First Lady, TV Pilot
Appreciate the feedback. Thank you for the fast response!

– Cole Folwer, Masters of Sex, TV Spec Screenplay
Thank you for the feedback. I will take the notes into consideration for future drafts.

– Genevieve Heineman, SOL, TV PILOT
Thank you for the detailed feedback. Whoever did this feedback is a caring person with heart!

– Doris B. Gill, Rembrandt and the Seedlings, Feature Script
Thank you for this helpful feedback. I will follow your suggestions.

– Bonnie Toews, Split-Second Start, 1st Scene Script
Thanks for your feedback, you don’t know how much it means to me, I agree with you on the points that need to be changed, but I’d like to add that the Kuwaiti family are not going to stay in the series for two long, they are just there for two more episodes that’s all, and the reason why is that Mubarak will be murdered and David Cortiez is his soon, so he goes to Kuwait to investigate what really happened and finds the killer.

– Asim Abraham, Blood Brothers, Feature Script
Thank you so much for your critique. I really appreciate it!

– Linda Collison, Looking for Redfeather, Play
Many, many thanks to those of you who vetted my book, THE PITS. All its short comings were expertly noted and I have taken your comments and advice on board

– Greg Smith, The Pits, Novel
Thanks so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I will definitely take this advice and keep improving the script.

– Jason Mageras, Parks and Recreation, TV Spec
Thank you so much for your feedback for my story β€˜The Killing of Freddie Foster’. That’s a great critique and will definitely makes some changes.

– Kerin Freeman, The Killing of Freddie Foster, Novel
Thank you so much for your feedback; it is very appreciated.

– Melody Stewart, Indigo, Feature Screenplay
I appreciate the constructive criticism of the reader and the respect for what the play is and not attempting to turn it into something it is not.

– E. Thomalen, Hecuba, Play
Thanks so much for your feedback. Excellent notes.

– John Alarid, Kodak Moments, TV PILOT
Thank you for the wonderfully insightful feedback. I’m elated to hear Heart of Fire has such potential.

– Brittany Arrington, Heart of Fire, Feature Script
First, thank you for your efforts and the interest you have shown. I appreciate your help.

– James Lillie, Fagan’s War, Feature Script
Thank you SO, SO, SO much for your feedback. I am not a “writer” by trade, so this was absolutely fantastic to read.

– Lonny Anger, Frank and Bruno, TV PILOT
Thanks for the feedback. I’m definitely taking all your notes into consideration. I appreciate every single comment.

– Ruben Diaz, Mystery Road, 1st Scene Screenplay
Thank you! I find your comments extremely helpful and I look forward to a re-write and resubmission.

– Taylor Albertson, 29.0, Short Screenplay
I must commend you for your brilliant feedback. I’ve received a couple of feedbacks in the past, and have taken care of most story problems that you raised. But no one had pointed out the issues your team raised in the fourth paragraph. Which is right on point. And raises valid questions that need answers.

– Chidi Ezeibieli, Inhuman Nature, 1st Scene Screenplay
As usual, totally impressed by, and very appreciative of, the below critique! Thank you so much and I will work on the edits you speak of in my next draft.

– Michael Zamanis, Drive-Thru, Feature Screenplay
Many thanks for the feedback, it’s very helpful! I will have another look at it and implement some improvements.

– Virginia Burges, The Virtuoso, Novel
Thank you for the very informative feedback. I really appreciate the diverse perspective that was given. Again, thank you.

– Jamison Derfler, God’s Will, Feature Screenplay
Awesome feedback! Thank you so much for the time and effort that was put into reading my script and delivering these constructive notes.

– Matt O’Connor, Bad Madison, TV PILOT
These notes are extremely helpful. I appreciate the time / effort your team put into it! Will get to work..

– Adam Wright, Treasured Ones, TV PILOT
Thank you so much for the very helpful feedback!

– JR, Not Another Vampire Story, Feature Script
Thanks very much for the feedback!! It was a bit brutal to read. But thanks again very much!! Now I have a bit more direction and certainly got more than my moneys worth. I’ll use this service again for sure!

– Jeremy Jagusch, Last 30 Days, Feature Script