A Night By The Ocean, POEM by Ben Williams

Genre: Love, Relationship, Romance

A Night By The Ocean
by Ben Williams

So much love fled here,
beneath these sentry cliffs,
where centuries are washed away
in tongues of foaming surf.

I remember young kisses,
stolen in the crook of night’s arm,
the safety of an innocent ‘Forever’
still moist on hungry lips.

I remember soft embraces,
loose tangles of tentative caresses,
your gasp and whispered cry
against a growl of waves.

Now, watching here, alone,
the rusting stripe of sunset’s wreck
is all that separates the
purple wash of sea and cloud.

And, stars bright in the Atlantic dusk,
I remember tear-bled lovers longing
for one last, desperate evening,
dancing on the shores of ‘Always’.

Ben Williams – Basildon – Essex

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