THE QUEST, Poetry by Tabitha Baumander

Genre: Rhyme, History, Society, Drama

by Tabitha Baumander

Through the marvellous mists of midnight.

    Like a wondrous tale of yore.
    Came the merchant with his wagon.
    Came the soldiers.
    Came the poor.
    I asked them why they wandered,
    Through the dark and dangerous night?
    What profit did it bring them?
    This strangely moon bathed flight.

We’re searching for a dragon.
A sorcerer, a king.
Of course they’d never seen it.
It could be anything.

    It is always just beyond us.
    Claimed a sprightly moon fed boy.
    I’ve heard that when we find it,
    The sun will cry with joy!
    With a silent smile I bade,
    “Good luck upon your quest.”
    Then turned my back upon them,
    And went home to my own rest.

Away the company wandered.
From dell to misty dell.
I don’t think they’ll ever find it.
And perhaps it’s just as well

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