It’s My World Too, Poetry by Sandra McMurphy

Genre is Angry, Rhyme

It’s My World Too
by Sandra McMurphy

When I think about it I want to cry
People all over the world will die
From the evil that dwells in the heart of mankind
Turns us weak, ignorant and blind
To our own mortality from pollution and war
Extinction of our planet won’t even the score
I’m glad I’m not living a war over there
But the hate is spreading everywhere


It’s my world too and they should ask me what to do
I’d tell them to stop all the fighting and killing
Love will heal us if only we’re willing
I’d tell them to stop making their bombs and their guns
Before their hatred kills everyone
I’d tell them to stop hurting the earth, seas, and skies
With toxic waste that kills everything alive

What’s wrong with the minds of those who believe
It’s safe to test their bombs in the sea
Creatures in the oceans are dying of disease
The smog is so thick people can’t breathe
We don’t know what to do with our waste
Living in a world of technological haste
When they try to cover up their deadly mistakes
It’s the lives of our children they so blindly take


We’re dying of diseases, wars, and crime
Floods, earthquakes, fires, and famine
It’s only the beginning of all our sorrow
It may be too late for a better tomorrow
The earth is distressed from the greenhouse effect
And no one has come up with a solution yet
But it rages me more when they hide the truth
Then we have no way to protect our youth


So many people
Frightened by what’s going on
War, crime, hate, pollution, destruction
Tests our fate
So lets stop it before it’s too late



It’s my world too
Ask me what to do
Together we can make it better
No more hate
No more war
No more bombs
No more guns
No more pollution
It’s my world too
I only want to make it better for me and you.


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