If I believed in a god I would be praying, Poetry by Megan Holman

Genre: Love, Romance, Relationship

If I believed in a god I would be praying
by Megan Holman

If I believed in a god I would be praying
But I don’t, so I shall write my sins and sorrows down for the world to see

The nights that will be spent telling secrets are the ones I will cherish the most
Our bodies sharing the same space, even though your bed is a continent and there is more than enough room to spread out
But neither of us will want to risk the void that will lie between us
The chasm of separation that can only be mended by leaving no satin between lovers
We will watch movies and dance and dance and dance
Our feet moving slowly as I lay my head against your chest
I will let you hold me until the earth is swallowed up by the ever expanding sun
We will swap stories and music and unfinished poetry
I will distract you from everything you planned on getting done that day, but the mundane tasks you will want to complete will be no match for my terrible jokes
You will teach me how to play my poetry on the piano, and I will show you how to gently run your scarred fingers through my hair
We will light scented candles and eat stale Valentines Day candy until our bellies are full to the brim
And I will let you love me as I slowly learn to fall in love with you.

* * * * *

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