Stalking is such a Strong Word. Let’s call it… Social Research!, Poetry by Gun Roswell

” *Friend request accepted* Let the stalking begin! “

Genre: Social Media, Society, Rhyme

Stalking is such a Strong Word. Let’s call it… Social Research!

Checking your home page
For the umpteenth time
I must have been in a haste
For no updates I find

Just because
My favourites
Are in the ‘Ks’
And my followers
Are in the nays

You may think
I stink
And am

Fan Girl?
Just because my toes curl?

Admirer maybe
From a far of course
And the Art to endorse
Buff or a Rooter
But not a suitor

I hope you are not offended
As I await here expended
And I’d rather
You called me an other

Without the blame

of the Individual

Why did you not
Answer on the spot
To my ping?


By WILDsound Festival

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