Lonely Togetherness, Poetry by Kaveeta M Abicchandani

Genre: Rhyme, Loneliness, Society

Lonely Togetherness
by Kaveeta M Abicchandani

As the raindrops splatter across on the window pane
a shiver runs down my spine as I feel the cold rain
Each strand of my hair
does a tango in the air
The cool breeze gently kisses my neck
and my innermost feels the peck
There is a subtle romance
me and the rain, as we dance
The downpour takes along my tears
as if wiping away all my fears
All the lonely drops together in their loneliness
teach me the lesson of togetherness
Are we all not like drops of rain
painfully lonely yet together in pain..

    * * * * *
    * * * * *
    * * * * *

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