Shoes, Twitter Short Story by Joe Lunne

    Watch SHOES, Twitter Short Story:

Get to know writer Joe Lunne:

1) What is your very short story about?

It’s about a woman finally leaving a hopeless situation.

2) What motivated you to write this story and submit it to the festival?

I’ve always thought that a movie opening with a woman loading all of her shoes into a convertible and then driving away to start a new life would be a great way to start a movie. Still fleshing out the script for that idea, but when I heard about the Twitter Short Story contest, I felt it would be a good challenge to parse the narrative down to 140 characters.

3) What movie have you seen the most in your life?

I watch The Big Lebowski a couple times a year. Chinatown, Brazil, and Raising Arizona are others I watch regularly. Wild Tales will be added to this list – what a movie!

4) How many scripts and stories have you written?

I would say I’ve written 15-20 screenplays, maybe two or three short stories.

5) What artists would you love to work with?

I wish I could have worked with Philip Seymour Hoffman…(sigh)…

6) What is your passion in life?

I’m a cancer patient/survivor. The world is my passion.

7) Any tips for other writers who want to write a 140 character short story?

Challenge yourself to come up with an interesting character and imagery. Just have fun and write (and submit) it…

    * * * * *

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