to those who died at sea, Poetry by Shiela May Baysa

Genre: Death, Love, Life

to those who died at sea
by Shiela May Baysa

In the core of the waters lay lifeless bodies
Thrown cigarettes and photographs
All put out by the void of the frozen blue
Which before falling into the abyss
Were at the sea for everything that it offers
For everything that it gives— travels to shores
Breezes and silvers and golds
Under the underneath to be forever unfound
But when we love something, I guess
There was the last chance for keeping it
That we’re the bravest enough to take
Though the waves won’t conspire with us
To bring us to the destination of the wind
I guess I died at sea—
Looking for something so lost but still swims
With the waters of vast distances that kills
So mercilessly yet beautifully
Caressing its victim to his heart
Until it breaks the slightest love he has for her
To the wintriness and hopelessness
In the middle green of the Atlantic
Kissing the faces of the trembling hours
Before drowning the time to the blackness
Of the forgotten and the world’s regrets
I guess you and I died at sea—
When we let go of the oars of the boat that we sailed
When we no longer believed that we are the sea
When we had rather gone to an island of new things
Than nowhere in the sea afar from what you and I
Once were
I guess everybody died at sea—
When the world touched its skin so blindly
When the world had faith in the sea
When the world slept with the sea
To believe in the impossibility of mermaids and merman
Lighting up the tower for lost sailors
Who once went to bed with a long brown hair
And celestial coloured bodies of wicked tails and tales
With the freedoms of loving
The divinity of nature
And the beauty of waiting for the sea to kiss back—

    * * * * *

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