ALL FOR THEIR GOD, Poetry by Donald Miller

Genre: Life, Society

by Donald Miller

Surrounded by Seas, Black – not the color – the sea, Adriatic, Mediterranean, Aegean,
and the Ionian, major scale of once happy music; music that is no longer heard.

Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania surround the discord.
Yugoslavia is no more.

Macedonia the land of the Great Alex, Aristotle taught him well.
How Pan created the pipes, to play the music of the gods.

Croatia remains of the Holy Roman Empire.
Fathers teach their children to sing the music of Gregory, Chants that please god.

Serbia Byzantine of old, Plato could still hum your songs,
the praises you sing to god, even if Plato did not know god’s name.

Bosnia the outer reaches of the Turks, Muhammad showed you the five pillars.
Constantinople could not stand in your way; Look to Mecca; Sing to god.

Slovenia, birthplace of the Great War.
Austria-Hungary wrote your music, until Ferdinand was sent to meet his god.

Montenegro still clings to the republic, ever marching to the Serbian beat.
Remembering the Serbian victory over the Turks, believing which side god is on.

And Bosnia, fighting to survive, Christians determined to revenge.
The crusades revisited, for crimes done long ago.

* * * * *
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